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Selling real estate is not something to take lightly. However, there are some easy steps that can help you get the maximum return on your home. The first step is to find a real estate agent to guide you through the process.

Get the Agent's Advantage

At some point in the selling process, most people consider selling the property themselves. While FSBO (For Sale By Owner) is not necessarily a bad way to go, homeowners typically do not get the same prices as professional agents. Even after factoring in an agent's fees, the amount of work it takes to sell a home tends to make an agent a worthwhile investment.

Marketing Your Home the Right Way

"What does it take to bring you buyers?"

The process begins with getting to know you and your home. In an initial meeting, before you ever commit to hiring a Weichert Sales Associate, he or she will take exterior and interior photos, measure each room, and assess your home's key features. The Associate will also ask about any improvements you may have made over the years and listen to whatever concerns you may have.

Everything our Sales Associate learns will go into creating a customized marketing plan that will provide you with a clear idea of what will be done to attract the most potential buyers to your home. Your plan will include such features as:

  • A schedule of marketing activities
  • A list of print materials and websites that will carry the ad for your home
  • Promotional materials to hand out or mail with photos of your home and its special features
  • The use of our Open House program to bring you potential buyers


Once you list with Weichert, your Sales Associate will immediately start putting the marketing plan into action to help you achieve a timely sale at the best possible price.

After finding a real estate agent you trust, the next critical step is pricing your home. Look around at similar houses for sale in your neighborhood and price yours in that range. Of course, the interior and exterior condition of your home will make a large difference. For example, if you've remodeled recently or have new appliances, the price will naturally increase. Your real estate agent will use the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to come up with an appropriate price; however, this will simply be a suggested price. The final decision will be up to you, which is why it pays to do a bit of comparative research.

The next step is getting your home ready to show. Open houses are critical in stirring up interest in your home, but too few sellers really take the necessary steps to make their homes buyer-friendly. For example, repainting the exterior of your home is relatively inexpensive and offers huge results in terms of curb appeal. Inside, it's best to make your home as free of clutter as possible. You may even want to rent a storage space for extra furniture and items--even your closets should look spacious. The offer(s) on your home will most likely come from open house attendants. After that, your agent will be able to handle most of the details, though the final decisions on price and sale will be yours to make.

Home Warranty

A Weichert Home Protection Plan covers unexpected breakdowns of covered appliances and in major systems like plumbing, heating, electrical and air conditioning. You could pay a small deductible for your covered repairs, or pay hundreds without the Weichert Home Protection Plan services agreement. With so much that can go wrong, a Weichert Home Protection Plan can give you the assurance that there is someone here to help you with a problem on covered items. The service and coverage provided by the Weichert Home Protection Plan delivers real value.

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