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How It Works

1 | Request your instant cash offer for your home 

You can call or enter your address and submit your request for an instant cash offer now of your home.

2 | Meet with our Weichert Sales Associate 

Weichert Sales Associate will come to your home to assess it and answer your questions about the current real estate market. We'll take into account any improvement you have made to your home and it's current condition.

3 | Determine your home Market Value 

Determining the market value of your home is very important when selling your house Fast for cash. A Weichert Sales Associate will perform a Comparative Market Analysis, to help you determine a fair price to accept.

4 | Showing your home to our investors

Our Weichert Sales Associate will show your home to the investors to generate an offer. Our Sales Associate will coordinate these visits. There's no obligation to sell your home fast New York homeowners.

5 | Receive offers 

Our Weichert Sales Associate will be the facilitator and submit all offers from all potential buyers within 24-48 hours of their visit to your home. We will help you understand the strengths of each offer. You can select a flexible date from 15 days to a date that would work for your timeframe after your property goes into contract. You are not pressured by a buyer to close before you are ready to move.

6 | Go under contract 

Your attorney will prepare the contract to be signed by you and the buyer. Our Sales Associate I will help you through all of the steps that need to be completed for a successful sale. You’ll have our associate to gather the correct disclosure paperwork, as required by law so the closing won’t be delayed.

7 | Get to closing 

Our Weichert Sales Associate and your attorney will be present at closing to walk you through the process and explain the steps as necessary for a successful close.



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